Expert Staff

The PRI team comprises healthcare experts with a varied range of specialties, such as compliance and integrity, medical review, healthcare policy, quality improvement, investigations, legal review, data analysis, Medicare and Medicaid program support, healthcare claims pricing and validation, educational development and training, and conference planning. We continue to assemble an outstanding team of licensed and board certified physicians, knowledgeable in evidence evidence-based medicine on our PRI Physicians Review Panel, currently representing 38 medical specialties. Our team understands how to collaboratively meet the industry’s need for improving quality while lowering costs. This Review Panel strengthens PRI resources as we find and reduce clinically- and financially-based fraud, waste & abuse. Though the PRI corporate offices are in Erie, PA, we employ an impressive array of nationally based experts. Because of this flexibility, PRI leadership is able to quickly identify, recruit and retain its highly-qualified and specialized staff from anywhere in the country. As a team, PRI staff offer invaluable insight and expertise to fulfill almost any client requirement.