Education and Outreach Division

  • National Clinical, Program & Compliance Training & Education
  • Needs Assessments
  • Conference Planning & Event Management
  • Development & Management of Focus Groups
  • Logistics Support
  • Online Registration Services
  • Bilingual Conferencing
  • Training Videos
  • Marketing & Outreach Services
  • Graphics Design Utilizing Original Photography
  • Webinar & Simultaneous Webcast Development & Facilitation
  • Professional IT Website Development
  • Nationally Recognized Subject Matter Experts
  • Speaker Development & Training
  • Curriculum Development & Support
  • Survey & Evaluation

Provider Resources, Inc. (PRI) is committed to instilling integrity into the healthcare system. In support of this commitment, PRI established the Education & Outreach (E&O) Division to provide tested and proven education and outreach services to support industry stakeholders. As federal program guidance continually changes and new programs emerge, the E&O subject matter experts (SMEs) utilize developed strategies for education and outreach planning. Services and support include activities such as program planning and development, financial management, facilities and services coordination, logistics, program implementation, marketing and promotion, and material production. PRI‘s E&O efforts are flexible and scalable for each defined audience type. Beneficiaries’ and patients’ ability to make informed healthcare decisions depends on the availability of materials that incorporate numerous demographic and socioeconomic factors such as language, customs, and culture. The provider and supplier community requires materials that tie guidance to office best practices and program compliance. Payors at all levels – federal, state, and private – need materials which not only educate their staff, but also facilitate superior customer service back to their beneficiaries and clients.

To address the impact of current healthcare reform efforts, aimed at improving healthcare outcomes and quality for the nation’s beneficiaries, PRI SMEs meet the need to accelerate the knowledge transfer process. The need to provide clear and consistent communication to individuals, employers, providers, suppliers, and payors of the U.S. healthcare system is at the heart of the PRI E&O Division.

PRI uses collaboratives and focus groups, which provide the ability to address diverse populations – payors, providers, suppliers, and beneficiary groups – in a complementary and coordinated approach. E&O provides a multitude of delivery options to accommodate diverse audiences. Products and services include white papers, articles, environmental scans, needs assessments, and development and presentation of materials for in-person and web-based events. Printed materials are developed and distributed in diverse languages using translation services while ensuring Section 508 compliance of all deliverables.

Additionally, PRI has extensive experience in utilizing technologies to achieve educational and outreach goals and to effectively communicate with various stakeholders in the healthcare community. Using technologies such as Adobe Connect, WebEx Event Center, Constant Contact, SurveyMonkey, CoveritLive, Poll Everywhere, and other leading solutions, PRI successfully engages and educates both in-person and virtual audiences. These audiences include Medicare and Medicaid stakeholders, primary care practices and providers, nurses, care coordinators, practice managers, health plans, and health IT vendors, among others. While PRI frequently utilizes the technologies listed above, other technology solutions are customized and developed based on client and stakeholder needs. Through the expertise of PRI‘s Multimedia Specialists, Graphic Designers, and Creative Solutions Group, PRI excels at facilitating meaningful healthcare communication via live webcasts and webinars, interactive polling, instructional materials, and other audio/visual modes.

The E&O team further consists of Instructional Systems Designers who follow the comprehensive development process of the Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate (ADDIE) model to develop new curricula, whether for a new or existing client or for internal staff training. PRI Training and Curriculum Specialists have over 140 years of combined experience developing and delivering training in the classroom, in addition to online and blended learning environments. Many have served as classroom teachers in public and private schools at the high school, college, and university levels. Others have served as professional trainers in local, state, and national government agencies and have managed training programs in public and private corporations. Several of our Training Specialists are adjunct professors at universities and have earned post-graduate degrees in education, curriculum development, instructional systems design, educational technology, human resources, marketing, sociology, psychology, business administration, information management, and law.

Together, the members of the E&O Division provide an unparalleled level of expertise to deliver unique outreach solutions for audiences at all levels and to positively impact the healthcare community .