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PRI, true to our mission, is dedicated to instilling integrity into the healthcare system. As a succession plan for graduating from the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) program, PRI made a commitment to becoming a HUBZone organization. By having this socioeconomic class with the government, PRI knew that we could continue to support our healthcare clients and the federal government in pursuit of our mission. Just as importantly, PRI’s leadership knew that every time we contracted for services within the healthcare sector, we would impact lives directly and also improve the lives of others within our communities due to our HUBZone certification. As a HUBZone organization, we are required by statute to employ 35% of our staff from areas which have socioeconomic challenges such as high unemployment rates. PRI’s leadership is committed. We are committed to improving and saving lives. Please reference the attached white papers which describe the immense benefits this nation has when they contract with a HUBZone organization such as PRI.