Integrity at Provider Resources, Inc. (PRI) is best described by our own family:

“Integrity is how one acts when no one is looking. PRI values and trusts the integrity of its virtual employees by treating them with professionalism without micromanaging.” – S.S., QA Reviewer Level II, Program Integrity Division

“Working at PRI is like playing golf – both require integrity. PRI instills integrity in healthcare. It is exhibited in all that we do; in every department and every contract. The PRI family adheres to a set of standards which reflect the company’s mission by holding all relationships in high regard and always doing the right thing, even if no one is watching.” – M.W., Clinical Informatics Analyst, Program Integrity Division

“Integrity goes hand-in-hand with loyalty, trustworthiness, honesty, and dependability. Integrity is doing the right thing that helps make me a better person each day.” – E.L., Human Resources Manager, Human Resources

“It is the integrity of our individual employees that gives PRI its integrity. There is no characteristic more valuable to this company.” – Administrative Employee